Pyxai Remote

How do you know if your employees and job candidates have the core competencies essential for effective remote work?

It turns out that good communication, self-management and adaptability are some of the core competencies that are needed in an effective remote work environment.

How Pyxai Helps You

Pyxai helps organizations to self-assess and gain insights into the risks and opportunities of adapting to a remote workforce environment. We then help you to hire for, develop, and maintain talent that are ideal to each job role and your company culture.

For Your Employees:

Soft Skills Evaluations and Gap Analysis - helps your organization to know where each person stands in preparation for remote work by measuring for the core competencies that are needed.
Personalized Online Training and Coaching - helps develop each individual contributor to become more prepared, productive and successful.
Collaborative Online Learning Community - helps employees to ask questions, share, learn and teach each other based on their experiences.
Soft skills and culture ring

For Your Recruiting:

Significantly reduce or eliminate bad hires and culture mis-fits - find talent with competencies that are ideal for remote work.
Reduce unconscious biases and find the hidden gems - have less dependence on resumes and brand affiliations and hire based on better indications of long term job success.
Save days of recruiting time - Pyxai can screen and pre-rank 100% of your job applicants saving human resource time and money.
Making sure that your remote team has the right technology and equipment to do their work is extremely important. Not having the right people with the right personality traits, attitudes and behaviors suitable for remote work, however can be costly.