Empowering organizational development

Pyxai Vision

Pyxai will be the leader in skills-based talent identification and recruiting. With a Soft Skills first focus on talent acquisition, we will be the engine that powers Companies and Governments agencies to assess, identify and predict job candidates' future outcomes before they are hired. Recruiters and hiring managers will be empowered to make more informed hiring decisions by using insightful Pyxai data analytics, with less dependencies on resumes.

Pyxai Mission

Pyxai's mission is to provide the most innovative talent assessment service for Private and Public Sector organizations to identify quality talent that stays longer and performs better. We want to revolutionize the way talent is recruited; moving away from resume and phone screening to a more holistic, skills based, and data data driven solution. We want to reduce the time and cost associated with acquiring talent by using proven scientific methodologies with long lasting beneficial impacts to both organizations and candidates.

Pyxai Mission - Innovative talent assessment leader
Pyxai Values, HEART

Pyxai Heart Values

HONOR (INTEGRITY) - We do the right things
EXCELLENCE - We do things the right way
ADAPTABILITY + AGILITY - We respond/react right
RESPECT - We treat others the right way
TEAMWORK - We work together the right way

What's With The Name "Pyxai"?

Pyxis is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky. Abbreviated from Pyxis Nautica, the name is Latin for a mariner's compass.
The technology that powers the assessments. An advanced technique of categorization and data analysis.


Soft Skills Pre-Screened Talent