15,000+ Candidates video interviewed and assessed
Increase in employee retention
30% Increase in high performing hires
Increase in high performing hires
15-20% decrease in recruiting costs
Decrease in recruiting costs
15% Increase in qualified diverse hires
Increase in qualified diverse hires
Pyxai employment support

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Resumes Are Simply Not Enough

Circular Soft Skills and Culture traits
Resumes don't show the intangible skills found in great talent. Pyxai completes the resume. We identify the soft skills that power effective behavioral patterns in each candidate and that are the true indicators of long-term job success.

Empower Your Hiring Decisions

Pyxai interviews, identifies, and pre-ranks talent based on the soft skills most applicable to each open position and your organization's culture.
  • Candidates take an assessment and answer 20-25 minutes worth of open ended questions to extract the skills most relevant to the job description.
  • Our software extracts their qualification and soft skill competencies
  • We generate a dashboard for the recruiter containing a video of the job candidate‚Äôs answers and insightful analytics of each candidate's competencies and long-term job success indicators.
Empowering organizational development

Recruit Quality People to Actualize Your Organizational Culture

Empowering organizational development

Hire knowing that your new talent will have the essential soft skills that will increase productivity and employee retention.