15,000+ Candidates video interviewed and assessed
Increase in employee retention
15% Increase in qualified diverse hires
Increase in qualified diverse hires
30% Increase in high performing hires
Increase in high performing hires
15-20% decrease in recruiting costs
Decrease in recruiting costs

Discover the hidden value of your job candidates

Elevate your candidates’ voice to gain visibility into their people skills, cognitive ability, and conative (behavioral) disposition.
Empowering organizational development
  • Pyxai interviews, identifies, and pre-ranks talent based on the soft skills most applicable to each open position and your organization's culture.
  • We'll provide you with insightful analytics of each candidate's competencies and long-term job success indicators.
  • Pyxai allows you to reduce unconscious biases and identify otherwise overlooked talent.
  • Hire knowing that your new talent will have the essential soft skills that will increase productivity and employee retention.

Empower your Talent Recruitment with Intelligent Soft Skills Assessments

Pyxai helps your organization to:
Drive growth and revenue by hiring high-performing individuals.
Reduce attrition rates when you hire the right team members who stay longer.
Propel innovation and creativity by hiring diverse, inclusive team members.
Create a values-based culture and a sense of community within your organization.
Save recruitment time and money by striking the right balance between efficiency and quality.
Circular Soft Skills and Culture traits

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Recruit quality people to actualize your organizational culture

Empowering organizational development
“Recruitment has and always will be about people, your candidate evaluation technology should be no different.”
Kurt Edwards
Pyxai Founder/CEO