Pyxai is a soft skills and culture evaluation tool that helps organizations recruit, retain, and develop great talent.

Empowering organizational development

What You Can Do With Pyxai

Pyxai helps your organization to:
Develop connected, diverse and inclusive teams that propel innovation.
Create a values-based culture and a sense of community within your organization.
Retain organizational value by developing the capabilities of your people.
Circular Soft Skills and Culture traits
Preserve company culture by only attracting and hiring good talent that adds value.
Increase the number of high-performing individuals that drive growth and revenue.
Motivate and engage individuals so they stay longer, reducing attrition rates.

Pyxai Results

After screening more than 10,000 employees and job candidates, here are some results:
Pyxai Assessment Completion Rate

Assessment Completion Rate

High assessment completion rate due to retaining candidate motivation

Pyxai Reduction in Recruiting Costs

Decrease in Recruiting Costs

Recruiters and hiring managers save time and resources using Pyxai.

Pyxai Increase in High Performing Employees

Increase in High Performing Employees

When you have the right balance of soft skills and cultural fit, teams are high performing.

Pyxai Increase in Diversity

Increase in Diversity

Diversity increases when human biases attributed to traditional screening processes is reduced.

How Pyxai Works

We create simulations of real-life situations that are supercharged with AI processing to extract meaningful insights from your employees and your job applicants.
  1. 1

    Pyxai creates science-backed Situational Based Judgement Test questions, then uses Artificial Intelligence to extract soft skills and culture fit traits.

  2. 2

    We provide pulse assessments to employees at specified time intervals, along with micro-lesson teaching aids.

  3. 3

    Job candidates are invited to take a 20 mins assessment. Pyxai extracts and measures their culture fit, interpersonal, and cognitive abilities.

  4. 4

    Pyxai produces a fully detailed report on employees and candidates via dashboard.

Pyxai demo