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DEI & BLM in Tech, and the Future of Work Culture: Podcast: Tech and the Future of Work Culture with Kay Fabella

Podcast: Inclusion in Progress Featuring Kay Fabella

Podcast Link: Tech and the Future of Work Culture

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing social unrest in Kay's home country of the US, this episode of Inclusion in Progress feels more timely than ever. 

Kay shares the strange journey she's gone through as her personal and professional worlds as a D&I consultant have collided. Against this backdrop, she shares several specific calls to action for non-black allies (non-minorities and minorities alike) while reminding listeners that the work of achieving inclusion is a longer journey — and the unique opportunity we have to affect change in both our organizations and in society at large. This requires all hands on deck, as well as patience and persistence if we truly want lasting change to build an inclusive world for us all.

URL: https://kayfabella.com/iip027-tech-the-future-of-work-culture/