Top Six Soft Skills in Demand

We created this resource of key soft skills to provide you with tangible information to empower you on your journey to implement soft skills and culture values in the workplace.

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Top Six Soft Skills in Demand

Course Overview:

In this resource, you will find that each soft skill has two pages. On the first page is a comprehensive definition with tips on how to increase/develop the skill. On the second page, we created a competency model to help you decipher the competency levels of your staff as well as yourself. Defining and describing professional competencies is one of the central tasks to creating an effective professional development strategy or framework.

Who this course is most suited for:

Working professionals and individuals in management

What is creativity in the workplace?
Competency levels of creativity
What is conflict management in the workplace?
Competency levels of conflict management
What is teamwork in the workplace?
Competency levels of teamwork
What is adaptability in the workplace?
Competency levels of adaptability
What is cultural sensitivity in the workplace?
Competency levels of cultural sensitivity
What is verbal and written communication in the workplace?
Competency levels of verbal and written communication

Skills You'll Develop

Creativity Conflict Management Teamwork Adaptability Cultural Sensitivity Verbal Communication Written Communication

Top 6 Soft Skills in Demand [Workbook]

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